PVC granulate


Granulate produced from "Perplast Company" , is characterized by excellent termostabilnost good melting and homogeneousgives a very good look at your finished goods.
Granulate produced with color and strength in terms of customer requirements.


"Perplast Company" offers the following range of PVC granulate:

Soft granulates - plasticized
PVC granules feet - thick hoses
PVC granules for cables inner and outer casing
PVC granules for medical use - transparent


Hard grains - non plasticized
PVC granules for blinds
PVC granules for pipe
PVC granules for fittings


Special granulates

Oil resistant PVC granulate
  PVC granules of acid-resistant
  PVC granules elerostatichen

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Semi raw material PVC granules (granulation) to produce bottles, cables, feet, intestines and other industrial and craft use.




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