PE water hoses

PE water hoses


Polyethylene Tubing for water, made from high density polyethylene HDPE PE-80, are designed to transport water, food and other liquids.
Pressure hoses " PERPLAST Company " produced exclusively by original high density PE PE80 and PE of 100. Classification MRS- MRS = 8MPa means intestines after 50 years of suffering the same strain . Because " PERPLAST COMPANY " best used raw materials from reputable manufacturers that its quality is regularly sent and documented by official independent laboratories worldwide . The coefficient of reliability of these tubes is 1.25 while fire hoses at very high pressures examined 4x larger than normal . The quality of their products is accomplished through its service quality which use certified laboratories .

Table of dimensions and pressures


SDR 33 - not produce pipes for drinking water

s - wall thickness: OD - outside diameter


* Allowable working pressure

Technical characteristics of the material
• HD PE 80
• HD PE 100
• Resistance to temperature variations of -30 to +60 degrees Celsius
• resistance to acids and other chemicals
• corrosion resistance
• flexibility
• Simple and fast installation
• environmentally sound and odorless
• life of minimum 50 years

Benefits of bowel PE80 and PE100
• The material is absolutely non-toxic and totally inert in contact with water.
• Easy to transport and upravivanje
• The shelf life is over 50 years.
• Flexible and resistant to vibration , shock and seismic change in the country . have great flexibility intestines of PE 80.
• Because of its resilience route intestines can send kunfiguracijata on the ground .
• Hoses are constantly exposed to UV rays and temperature of 30C 60C (80C)
• Very low losses when the pressure ratio is 10x smaller pitch it in steel pipes.




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